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NAME FORMAT CHANGE IN PROCESS: Names of the wrestlers from countries where the family names come before the given names will be listed as such (Japan, Korea, etc.). The family names will be in bold letters.

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USA Pro Wrestling ( 1997-06 ~ 2004-12 )
USA Xtreme Wrestling ( 2004-12 ~ 2008 )
United States Heavyweight Title

Masked Maniac (Frank Goodman)1997-06-26Bayonne, NJ
Defeats Chris Michaels to become the first champion; stripped on 00-09-10.
Chris Michaels2000-11-05Mineola, NY
Defeats Masked Maniac; vacant on 00-12-01.
Masked Maniac [2]2000-12-01Mineola, NY
Defeats Ken Sweeney.
Ken Sweeney2001-07-15Mineola, NY
Tim Arson2001-10-20Deer Park, NY
Kid Kruel (Mike Kurel)2001-10-27Franklin Square, NY
Little Guido2001-10-27Franklin Square, NY
Xavier2002-02-16 Deer Park, NY
Wins a 3-way match.
Amazing Red2002-05-18Queens, NY
Chris Candido2002-08-17Deer Park, NY
Sandman2002-10-19Queens, NY
Vacates on the same day.
Amazing Red [2]2002-11-22Queens, NY
Defeats Quiet Storm, Deranged, and Grim Reefer in a 4-corner match.
Homicide2002-11-22Queens, NY
Stripped on 03-04-04.
Kid Kruel [2]2003-04-04Queens, NY
Defeats Billy Reil & Tim Arson in a 3-way match.
Slyck Wagner Brown2003-08-30Queens, NY
Billy Reil2003-09-26Queens, NY
Vacates on 03-11-29 when he cannot make it to the show because of his wife expecting a baby.
Mike Kruel [3]2003-11-29Queens, NY
Defeats Crowbar.
Mike Tobin2004-02-14Bethpage, NY
Chris Candido [2] 2004-06-19 Franklin Square, NY
Trent Acid 2004-11-19 Queens, NY
Stripped of the title after being unable to appear for a title defense.
Chris Candido [3] 2005-02-26 Bethpage, NY
Defeats Mike Kruel & Jay Lethal in a 3-way match; vacant after Chris Candido passes away on 05-04-28.
Mike Kruel [4] 2005-05-21 Old Bethpage, NY
Defeats Andy Douglas; later vacated.
Vordell Walker 2006-02-03 Jamaica, NY
Wins a a TLC Rumble by last eliminating Trent Acid; later vacates the title.
Trent Acid [2] 2006-03-25 Old Bethpage, NY
Defeats Mike Kruel; vacates on 06-09-23.
Nick Berk 2006-09-23 Orlando, FL
Defeats Billy Kidman; vacates 07-02-24.
Matt Bentley 2007-02-24 Orlando, FL
Defeats Vordell Walker; stripped on 07-06-16.
Vordell Walker [2] 2007-06-16 Orlando, FL
Defeats T.J. Mack.
Big Vito 2008-03-29 Orlando, FL
Promotion closes in 08.