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NAME FORMAT CHANGE IN PROCESS: Names of the wrestlers from countries where the family names come before the given names will be listed as such (Japan, Korea, etc.). The family names will be in bold letters.

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Impact Championship Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2015-06-27)

Xavier2000-12-01Elmhurst, NY
Defeats Low-Ki to become the first champion on a card promoted by another organization.
Mikey Whipwreck2001-01-26Elmhurst, NY
Wins a 3-way match against Xavier and Guido Maritato in ICW debut card.
Xavier [2]2001-01-26Elmhurst, NY
Amazing Red2001-04-28Elmhurst, NY
Wins tag team match with Mikey Whipwreck over Xavier & Chris Divine with both Xavier's ICW Title and Joel Maximo's Northeastern Title on the line; both Red and Whipwreck pin Xavier; Red is declared champion.
Xavier [3] 2001-05-26 Elmhurst, NY
Awarded back by the promoter, claiming Whipwreck as the legal person in the ring at the time of the pin; stripped on the same day due to a controversial finish in the title defense.
Low-Ki2001-06-30Elmhurst, NY
Defeats Xavier; promotion temporarily closes in 02-09; declared vacant when ICW returns on 03-03-15 with Low-Ki not being able to appear on the card.
Justin Credible 2003-04-12 Passaic, NJ
Defeats Jerry Lynn; vacant when ICW is merged with USA Pro Wrestling in 03-07; continue to be vacant after ICW returns on 10-03-19.
Dan Maff 2011-08-19 Elmhurst, NY
Defeats Danny Demanto in an 8-man tournament final; promotion closes on 11-11-29,
Tommy Dreamer 2012-09-29 Watertown, MA
Homicide 2013-09-14 Elmhurst, NY
Vacant in 15.
Danny Demanto 2015-06-27 Elmhurst, NY
Defeats Amazing Red and Samoa Joe in a 3-way match.