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World Wrestling Federation ( 1997/02 - 2002/05 )
World Wrestling Entertainment ( 2002/05 - 2002/07 )
European Title

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British Bulldog (Davey Boy Smith) 1997/02/26 Berlin, GER
Defeats Owen Hart in a tournament final to become the first champion.
Shawn Michaels 1997/09/20 Birmingham, GBR
Hunter Hearst Helmsley 1997/12/11 Lowell, MA
Michaels ordered by WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaugher to defend the title against Helmsley and intentionally loses the match.
Owen Hart 1998/01/20 Davis, CA
Defeats Goldust, who dresses up as Helmsley; WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter awards the title to Hart considering Goldust as a substitution for Helmsley.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [2] 1998/03/16 Phoenix, AZ
D-Lo Brown 1998/07/14 Binghamton, NY
X-Pac 1998/09/15 Sacramento, CA
D-Lo Brown [2] 1998/09/29 East Lansing, MI
X-Pac [2] 1998/10/18 Chicago, IL
Shane McMahon 1999/02/15 Birmingham, AL
Pins X-Pac in a tag team match; abandones on 99/04/04.
Mideon (Dennis Knight) 1999/06/21 Memphis, TN
D-Lo Brown [3] 1999/07/25 Buffalo, NY
Jeff Jarrett 1999/08/22 Minneapolis, MN
Mark Henry 1999/08/23 Ames, IA
Awarded by Jeff Jarrett as a present.
D-Lo Brown [4] 1999/09/26 Charlotte, NC
British Bulldog [2] 1999/10/26 Springfield, MA
Val Venis 1999/12/12 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Defeats British Bulldog and D'Lo Brown in a Three Way Dance.
Kurt Angle 2000/02/08 Austin, TX
Chris Jericho 2000/04/02 Anaheim, CA
Defeats Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit in a three way match with a stipulation that the second man to get the pin wins the European title.
Eddie Guerrero 2000/04/03 Los Angeles, CA
Perry Saturn 2000/07/23 Dallas, TX
Al Snow 2000/08/29 Fayetville, NC
William Regal (Steve Regal) 2000/10/16 Detroit, MI
Crash Holly 2000/12/02 Sheffield, GBR
William Regal [2] 2000/12/04 E. Rutherford, NJ
Test 2001/01/22 Lafayette, LA
Eddie Guerrero [2] 2001/04/01 Houston, TX
Matt Hardy 2001/04/24 Denver, CO
Hurricane Helms 2001/08/27 Grand Rapids, MI
Bradshaw 2001/10/22 Kansas City, MO
Christian 2001/10/30 Cincinnati, OH
Diamond Dallas Page 2002/01/29 Norfolk, VA
William Regal [3] 2002/03/19 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Spike Dudley 2002/04/08 Phoenix, AZ
William Regal [4] 2002/05/06 Hartford, CT
Jeff Hardy 2002/07/08 Philadelphia, PA
Rob Van Dam 2002/07/21 Grand Raipds, MI
Unified with Intercontinental Title, which Van Dam has won on 02/05/26 in Edmonton, AB..