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Last updated on 2017/09/23


  • The midget wrestling was usually for a comedy purpose, and most likely, its "championships" were not actual titles. This list only shows who held title at certain point in time but is not to provide any lineage(s).

Little Beaver & Jim Corbett 1953/02/08<
Recognized in New Mexico; also recognized in Sioux City, IA as of 53/04/13.
Tito Infante & Tiny Tim 1955/10/22<
Recognized in Minnesota.
Cowboy Bradley & Tito Infante 1958/08/31<
Billed as champions in Richmond, IN.
Roger Tomlin & Marcel Semard 1961/10<
Recognized in Georgia.
Pee Wee Lopez & Chico Santana 1963/01/26<
Recognized in Cincinnati, OH.
Wee Willie Wilson & Bobo Johnson 1970/06<
Little Louie & Sonny Boy Hayes 1975/04<
Defend on WWWF cards.

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