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Last updated on 2011/11/04

World Junior Middleweight Title

National Wrestling Association ( 1934/04 - 1940s? )

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Henry Jones 1919
Jack Reynolds 1921 Columbus, OH
Still champion as of 23/01/26.
Adam Krieger 1924/10/14<
Gus Kallio 1926/12 Warren, OH
Defeats Joe Parrelli.
Adam Krieger * 1927/01/31 Port Arthur, TX
May be a non-title match.
Gus Kallio * 1927/08<
Vacates in 27/08 to move up to the middleweight division.

Joe Kopecky 1922
Wins vacant title.

Henry Jones [2] 1928/01/19<
Recognized in West Coast and Utah.
Wildcat Pete (George Pete) 1928/05/20 Eugene, OR
Henry Jones [3] 1930/04/04<
Sometime after 29/12/10.
Yaqui Joe 1930/06/02 Medford, OR
Wildcat Pete [2] 1930/06/27 Eugene, OR
Joe continues to be billed as champion in Southwest.
Walter Achiu 1931/05/28 Eugene, OR
Henry Jones [4] 1931/06/12 Eugene, OR
Ray Lyness 1931/06/25 Eugene, OR
Wildcat Pete [3] 1931/07/03 Eugene, OR
Benny Wilson 1932/09/12 Salem, OR
Eddie O'Shea 1933/01/04
Bennie Bartay 1933/02/22

Yaqui Joe 1928 Jackson, MS
Defeats Billy Romanoff; recognition withdrawn around 32/10 in San Antonio, TX, where a tournament to determine new champion is held; continues to be recognized in West Texas, New Mexico, Montana, etc.; defends in Mexico in 33/09 for the first card of EMLL; vacates on 35/01/12 upon retirement; again billed as champion in 35/10; still champion as of 36/05/13.

Blacksmith Pedigo 1932/03/24 Fairfield, AL
Defeats Billy Romanoff.
Leo Donoghue 1932/09/22 Fairfield, AL
Still champion as of 32/10/30.
Blacksmith Pedigo [2] 1934/07/03<
Recognized in Arkansas and Missouri; still champion as of 34/11/08.

Tetsuo Higami 1932/12/09 San Antonio, TX
Defeats Everett Rattan in tournament final to be recognized by National Wrestling Association; Rattan is recognized in Texas after 33/03 (see below); Higami continues to be recognized in California and Nevada; again recognized in Texas after Yaqui Joe vacates the title in 35/01, claiming to have won a tournament in Honolulu, HI; still champion as of 37/01/16.

Everett Rattan 1933/03 Detroit, MI *
Wins a tournament and is recognized in Ohio and Texas.
George Gabel 1934/07/23 Lexingon, KY
Retires as champion in 36.

Billy Thom 1934/04/26 Columbus, OH
Defeats Wildcat McCann by countout and is recognized by National Boxing/Wrestling Association; has claimed the title earlier in the year after defeating Joe Parelli; wrestles title claimant George Gabel to a draw on 35/12/20 in Hamilton, OH; still recognized in 40.

Jack Allison 1938/04<
Red Rogers 1938/04/07 Corsicana, TX
Clete Duvall 1938/10/06 Corsicana, TX

Carlos Ramos 1938/09/16<
Recognized in New Mexico.

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