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Mark Rocco 1981/06
Defeats Sammy Lee (Satoru Sayama) by default in tournament final; defeats Joel de Fremery on 81/08/26 in Southport, GBR.
Chic Cullen 1985/10/30 Leicester, GBR
Mark Rocco [2] 1985/11/04 Bradford, GBR
Flying Fuji Yamada (Keiichi Yamada) * 1986/09/26
Mark Rocco *
Flying Fuji Yamada (Keiichi Yamada) 1987/03/03 Croydon, GBR
Mark Rocco [3] 1987/04/28 Catford, GBR
Vacates the title in 91 upon retirement.
Robbie Brookside 1991/12/10 Croydon, GBR
Defeats Danny Collins in tournament final.
Chic Cullen [2] 1992/06/04 Bristol, GBR
Vacant when Cullen retires in 02/01; title inactive.
American Dragon (Daniel Bryan) 2003/05/06 Croydon, GBR
Defeats James Mason in 8-man tournament final.
Doug Williams 2003/10/07 Croydon, GBR
Title inactive after this day and replaced with All Star Wrestling People's Championship.
Thomas LaRuffa 2008/11/09 Evreux, FRA
Defeats Metal Master (Chad Collyer).
Mikey Whiplash 2009/03/23 Croydon, GBR
Still champion as of 11/01/07.