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Last updated on 2014/01/26

World/American Greco-Roman Heavyweight Title

William Muldoon 1880/01/19 New York, NY, USA
Defeats Thiebaud Bauer; vacates on 1891/12/31 upon retirement; one source says Muldoon awards the title to Ernest Roeber in 1887.
Ernest Roeber 1892/07/25 New York, NY, USA
American title claimant defeats French title claimant Apollon in a greco-roman style match to be recognized as world champion; one source says Roeber has been awarded the title by Muldoon in 1887; also awarded the European Greco-Roman Title on 94/09/26 in Hamburg, GER; Evan "Strangler" Lewis defeats Roeber on 93/03/02 in New Orleans, LA in mixed-style match to become American Heavyweight champion.
Beck Olsen 1900/03/21 New York, NY, USA
May be only for the European Greco-Roman Title; Roeber defeats Olsen for the European Title on 00/09/12 in Copenhagen, DEN but vacates it in 1901.
John Piening 1900/12<  
Also defeats Nehmed Nachad, who may have been claiming the title, on 1902/01/02 in New York, NY.
Henry H. Edgeberg 1904/12/02 New York, NY, USA
John Piening [2] 1906/04/17<  

* See also American Heavyweigtht Title.