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Ric Flair 1993/07/18 Biloxi, MS
Defeats Barry Windham to win NWA World Heavyweight Title; recognition dropped by NWA in 93/09 when WCW withdraws from NWA; Flair continues to be recognized as "World Heavyweight Champion" by WCW; the NWA holds a tournament for the NWA World Heavyweight Title in 1994.
Rick Rude 1993/09/19 Houston, TX
Recognized as "WCW International" World Heavyweight Champion after withdrawal of WCW from NWA.
Hiroshi Hase 1994/03/16 Tokyo, JPN
Billed as WCW International Heavyweight Title in Japan.
Rick Rude [2] 1994/03/24 Kyoto, JPN
Sting 1994/04/17 Rosemont, IL
Rick Rude defeats Sting for the title on 94/05/01 in Fukuoka, JPN, but the decision is reversed because Rude hit Sting with the belt to win; Sting refuses to accept the belt on 94/05/22 in Philadelphia, PA unless he can defeat Vader that night.
Sting [2] 1994/05/22 Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Vader to regain the held-up title.
Ric Flair [2] 1994/06/23 Charleston, SC
Has won WCW World Heavyweight title, defeating Vader on 93/12/27 in Charlotte, NC; unifies "WCW International" World title on 94/06/23.

* See WCW World Heavyweight Title.