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World Junior Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/09/29)

Jonathan Gresham 2013/05
Reigning holder of Midwest X Division Title, defeats Takuya Sugawara on 13/05/04 to win NWA World and International Titles; loses both titles to HUB on 13/09/16 in Tokyo, JPN but continues to be recognized as world champion by ZERO1 USA.
Blake Steel 2014/04/17 Champaign, IL
Matt Cage 2014/12/11 Champaign, IL
Jordan Perry 2016/01/30 Mattoon, IL
Matt Cage [2] 2016/10/22 Mattoon, IL
Defeats Perry and Jake St. Patrick in 3-way match.
Jake Parnell 2017/04/01 Mattoon, IL