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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2016/09/07

West Virginia Heavyweight Title

National Wrestling Alliance [Charleston offices] ( 1953/05 - 1955/10 )
North American Championship Wrestling ( 1980s )
Independent Pro Wrestling ( 2003/04 - 2003/09 )
Mountain State Wrestling ( 2003/09 - 2006/08 )
NWA Premier ( 2012/05 - 2013/03 )

George Gostovich 1938/10/23<

Great Scott1953/05/04Charleston, WV
Defeats Johnny Valentine in tournament final.
El Diablo 1954/04/19 Charleston, WV
Vacant sometime after 54/08/29; tournament starts in 55/02.
Great Scott [2] 1955/03/28 Charleston, WV
Defeats Edmund Von Albers in tournament final.
Edmund Von Albers 1955/04/11 Charleston, WV
Davey Crockett McKenzie 1955/07/18 Charleston, WV
Held up after a match against Bill Miller on 55/08/22 in Charleston, WV.
Bill Miller 1955/08/29 Charleston, WV
Wins rematch; title inactive after 55/10.
Moutaineer 1956/07/04<
Still champion as of 57/03/31.

Jim Montenaro and Dale Starr wrestle for the title on 70/08/11 in Beckley, WV (champion unknown).
Jim Montenaro 1970/10/04<
Jean Madrid and Mike Jamie wrestle for the title on 71/03/28 in Bluefield, WV (champion unknown).
Jimmy Jones1971/10/18
Jean Madrid1972/01/24Bluefield, WV
Cuban Assassin1972/03/13Bluefield, WV
Jean Madrid [2]1972/04/24Bluefield, WV
Pat Clancy1972/05/08Bluefield, WV
Vacant in 72/06 when Clancy is sent to prison.
Johnny Ramano1972/06
Toyo Soto1972/06/19Bluefield, WV
Vacant in 72/07 when Soto leaves the area.
Frank Rodriguez1972/07/15
Defeats Bobby Pics.
Jean Madrid [3]1972/08/05
Dale Starr1972/10/14Bluefield, WV
Cuban Assassin [2]1972/10/30Bluefield, WV
Still champion as of 73/02/22.
Sabu 1974/06/18<

Bobby White Feather 1979/06<  
Recognized by the Three Rivers Wrestling Association.

Incredible Bulk 1981/08/08 Kingwood, WV
Defeats Chief Black Eagle to be recognized by North American Championship Wrestling.

Kid Apollo2003/04/05Beaver, WV
Defeats War Machine to become the first IPW West Virginia champion.
Scotty McKeever2003/04/15Oak Hill, WV
Kid Apollo [2]2003/04/25Shnniston, WV
Danny Ray2003/06/17Oak Hill, WV
Joe Brody2003/07/01Oak Hill, WV
Stripped in 03/08.
Chuck Jones2003/08/26Beckley, WV
Defeats Johnny Blast in tournament final; starts defending on MSW card after 03/09.
Ricky Morton2003/10/06Matoaka, WV
Vacant in 04/01.
Frank Parker2005/05/21Bradley, WV
Defeats Johnny Blast on an interpromotional card to become the undisputed West Virginia champion; becomes an NWA title in 06/03; vacant in 06/08.
Psycho 2012/05/18 Chapmanville, WV
Wins battle royal to be recognized by NWA Premier; promotion closes in 13/03.