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NWA West Virginia/Ohio ( 2001/09/01 - 2002/01/10 )
NWA Tri-State ( 2002/01/10 - 2003/04/05 )
Television Title

Daron Smythe2001/09/01Parkersburg, WV
Defeats Dash Bennett to become first champion.
Fabulous Fredrick2001/12/05Parkersburg, WV
Daron Smythe [2]2002/03/25Harrisville, WV
Awarded when Frederick fails to defended the title in the required time; vacant on 02/05/04 when Smythe fails to appear for defense.
Ace Spalding2002/05/04Parkersburg, WV
Defeats Shawn Parks.
Lexis Wine2002/06/14Elizabeth, WV
Kid Inferno2002/06/14Elizabeth, WV
Referee Tony Wolfe2002/06/14Elizabeth, WV
Ace Spalding [2]2002/06/14Elizabeth, WV
Ace Spalding [2]2002/06/14Elizabeth, WV
J.W. Idol2002/07/04Parkersburg, WV
Erik Darkstorm2002/07/04Parkersburg, WV
Ace Spalding [3]2002/07/04Parkersburg, WV
Darkstorm [2]2002/07/20Parkersburg, WV
Pyro2002/07/20Parkersburg, WV
Chris Vega2002/07/20Parkersburg, WV
Shawn Parks2002/07/20Parkersburg, WV
Ace Spalding [4]2002/08/16Fairmont, WV
Hugh Jarse2002/08/16Fairmont, WV
Ace Spalding [5]2002/08/16Fairmont, WV
Shawn Parks [2]2002/08/16Fairmont, WV
Vacant in 02.
Double Dragon2002/12/07Parkersburg, WV
Wins battle royal.
D.J. Skittles2002/12/07Parkersburg, WV
Twisted Youth2002/12/07Parkersburg, WV
Double Dragon [2]2002/12/07Parkersburg, WV
D.J. Skittles [2]2003/02/10Parkersburg, WV
Title retired on 03/04/05.