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NWA West Viriginia/Ohio Tag Team Title ( until 2002/01/10 )
NWA Tri-State Tag Team Title ( 2002/01/10 - 2007 )

Awesome Arpin & J. W. Idol
Mr. Attitude & Doink the Clown
David Powers & Garbage Man
Lord Zoltan & T. Rantula
Suicide Solution98<
White Lightning98/12Coshocton, OH
J. W. Idol & Sebastian Ice99/05
Stripped on 00/02/18.
Hard Times: Johnny Hard & Travis Time 00/09
Awarded; vacant in 01/03.
Shane Young & Gorgeous J.C.04/07/04Parkersburg, WV
Defeat Mister X & Flash Fury.
J.D. Escalade & The Juggulator05/01/21Parkersburg, WV
Cole Cash & Chris Kahn05/07<
Cole Cash is injured by Chance Prophet after a title defense against Murder Death Kill on 05/10/01 in Parkersburg, WV; Kahn chooses J.D. Escalade as a partner for the scheduled title defense on 05/10/07 in Springfield, TN.
Extreme Talent: Mr. X & Raw Talent 05/10/07Springfield, TN
Defeat Kahn & J.D. Escalade and Team G.A.Y. (Shane Storm & J.C. Lynch) in a 3-way match; vacant in 05.
Chris Khan & Vance Desmond05/12/26Parkersburg, WV
Defeat J.D. Escalade & The Juggulator.
J.D. Escalade & The Juggulator06/01/07Parkersburg, WV
Zac Vincent & Aaron Draven06/03/04Parkersburg, WV

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