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NWA West Viriginia/Ohio Junior Heavyweight Title ( 1998 - 2002/01/10 )
NWA Tri-State Junior Heavyweight Title ( 2002/01/10 - 2007 )

TNTParkersburg, WV
Defeats Logan Caine in tournament final.
Logan Caine98/12/03Coshocton, OH
Vacant on 99/03/05 when Caine wins World Junior Heavyweight Title.
Chris Hero00/02<
Awarded; stripped in 00/09 for lack of title defenses.
Bobby Inbred00/10/21Parkersburg, WV
Defeats Titan; vacates on 02/02/12 when Inbred retires due to injury.
Rocky Reynolds02/07/26
Awarded based on his credentials as a former three-time world champion.

* Replaced with Tri-State X Title in 04/02.

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