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NWA West Viriginia/Ohio ( 1999/03/12 - 2002/01/10 )
NWA Tri-State ( 2002/01/10 - 2007 )
Hardcore Title

Ox Harley1999/03/12Andover, OH
DefeatS Manslaughter in match to become the first champion; vacant in 99/07.
Mad Man Pondo1999/09
Stripped of title due to lack of defenses in 00/01.
Viper [2]2000/03/04Pennsboro, WV
Defeats Jimmy Rambo in tournament final; stripped on 00/03/10 for his actions in the Heavyweight title change on 00/03/04.
Viper [2]2000/04/08Pennsboro, WV
Defeats Bobby Inbred and Awesome Arpin in a steel cage match.
Mr. Attitude2000/08/25Belpre, OH
Viper [4]2000/08/31Pennsboro, WV
Mr. Attitude [2]2000/09
Given title by Executive Committee to avoid any gconflicts of interest.h
Jeff Cannon2000/09/09Parkersburg, WV
Stripped of the title.
Viper [5]2001/04
Ace Spalding2001/06/02Murray City, OH
Garbageman2001/07/04Parkersburg, WV
Defeats Spalding during a tag team match; title retired on 02/03/09.