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NWA West Viriginia/Ohio Heavyweight Title ( 1998/06/17 - 2002/01/10 )
NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Title ( 2002/01/10 - 2007 )

Awesome Arpin98/06/17Parkersburg, WV
Wins battle royal.
J.W. Idol98
Awesome Arpin [2]98
Christopher Windsor III98/10/16Parkersburg, WV
Awesome Arpin [3]98/10/16Parkersburg, WV
Challenges Windsor for immediate rematch with stipulation stated that if Arpin pins Windsor, Arpin gets the belt and Windsor leaves the area; wins when his son comes out of the crowd and hits Windsor and pins him.
Garbageman00/03/04Pennsboro, WV
Stripped on 00/03/10 for his action during the title change on 00/03/04.
Bobby Inbred00/04/08Pennsboro, WV
Defeats Viper and Awesome Arpin in a steel cage match.
Viper00/05/26Parkersburg, WV
Jimmy Snuka00/05/27Pennsboro, WV
Awesome Arpin [4]00/06Port Clinton, OH
J.W. Idol [2]00/08/31
Tony Atlas00/09/09Parkersburg, WV
Stripped in 00/11 for being not able to defend the title within the required time limit.
Rocky Reynolds01/03/10Parkersburg, WV
Defeats Tyler James; vacates on 01/04/07 after winning World Junior Heavyweight Title.
Mr. Attitude01/04/07Pennsboro, WV
Magnum01/06/02Murray City, OH
Star01/10/06Parkersburg, WV
Rocky Reynolds [2]01/10/13St. Petersburg, FL
Magnum [2]01/12/08Parkersburg, WV
Unifies Maxon-Dixon Wrestling Heavyweight title and MDW Tri-State title by winning a 3-way match against MDW Heavyweight champion Brock Singleton and MDW Tri-State Heavyweight champion Masoon Hunter on 02/03/08 in Stonewood, WV.
Mason Hunter02/03/09Morgantown, WV
Matt Vandal02/03/16Parkersburg, WV
Mason Hunter [2]02/03/24Harrisville, WV
Magnum [3]02/05/17Wellston, OH
Chance Prophet02/08/16Fairmont, WV
Vacant prior to 03/02/08.
Magnum [4]02/10/04Parkersburg, WV
Vacant in 02/11 when Magnum retires due to injuries.
Trik Nasty03/04/05Parkersburg, WV
Defeats Rocky Reynolds and Max Power in a 3-way match.
Chance Prophet [2]03/06/07Parkersburg, WV
Vacates in 04/01 due to booking conflicts.
Trik Nasty04/02/29Fairmont, WV
Defeats Ron Killings.
Juggulator04/07/04Parkersburg, WV
J.T. Hogg05/01/01Parkersburg, WV
Cole Cash05/05/07Parkersburg, WV
Tony Wolfe05/05/07Parkersburg, WV
Wolfe immediately vacates title.
J.W. Idol05/07/03Parkersburg, WV
Defeats Abyss by DQ.
Johnny Lightning05/09/03Parkersburg, WV
Wins title in a tag team match with Paul Harley against Idol & Billy Masters.
Chris Khan05/12/26Parkersburg, WV
J.D. Escalade06/01/07Parkersburg, WV

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