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NWA Mountain State Junior Heavyweight Title

Karl 09/06/06 Union, WV
Defeats J.C. Dykes and T.J. Philips in a tournament 3-way final to become the first champion; still champion as of 09/10/15.
Diablo Jr. 09/12<
Shawn Cruz 09/12/05 Mullens, WV
Diablo Jr. [2] 10/03/13 Mullens, WV
Matt Barnett 10/09/25 Mt. Hope, WV
Matt Conrad 11/01/01  
Defeats Barnett and Andy Awesome in a 3-way match; still champion as of 11/04/09.
Dan Murdoch 11/06/20<  
Scotty Raines 11/10  
Sometime between 11/10/12 and 11/10/24.
Chase Owens 12/03/02 Hinton, WV
Defeats Raines and Zac Vincent in a 3-way match.
Nero 12/04/22 Rand, WV
Defeats Owens, Zac Vincent, and Matt Conard in a 4-way match.
Matt Conrad 12/07/13<  
Billy Lit 12/09/30<  
Promotion closes in 12/11.

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