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All-star Championship Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Southern Mississippi Militia: Col. Corruption & Major Mayhem1999/05/20
Ken Anderson & Mike Mercury2000/01/21Green Bay, WI
G.Q. Centerfolds: Travis Lee & Matt Longtime2000/06/24Green Bay, WI
Hammers Brothers: Brad Hammers & Eric Hammers2000/09/09
Eric Hammers & Ken Anderson2001/01/25Kiel, WI
Mike Mercury & Rockin' Randy2001/03/03
Culture Shock: Rob Norwood & Shane Hills2001/08/17Green Bay, WI
Vacant on 01/11/03?????.
Las Cabezas Buenas: El Hijo deNucci & La Grande Gagnon2001/12/03Green Bay, WI
Mitch Paradise & Troy Steel2001/12/15Green Bay, WI
Culture Shock [2]2002Green Bay, WI
Adrian Lynch & Kujo2002/12/14Green Bay, WI
Adam Evans & Mason Quinn 2003/04/18 Green Bay, WI
Southern Mississippi Militia [2]2003/07/11Green Bay, WI
Culture Shock [3]2003/10/24Green Bay, WI
Adrian Serrano & Ken Anderson 2003/12/12Green Bay, WI
Joey E. & Shimdog 2004/06/25Shawano, WI
Vacant on 04/09/04 when the team splits.
Cash Money Bad Boys 2004/10/09 Luxemburg, WI
Win a 10-team tournament.
J-Cash & Ruff Ryder Rashaad2005/02/19
Win a tag team battle royal.
Jack Berzerker & Lonewolf2005/06/25
Defeat J-Cash & Rashaad and Spanish Stew in a 3-way match.
Red Lightning & Steve Stone2005/10/15
Inactive after 05.
Dream Police: Chris Gambino & Don Gotti2007/07/14DePere, WI
Chase McCoy & Mickey McCoy2007/07/20DePere, WI
Dream Police [2]2008/05/03DePere, WI
Urban Assault Team: Jared Johnsonville & Mace Morgan2009/01/24DePere, WI
Hood Money: J-Cash & Thomas Walton III2009/04/11DePere, WI
Chase McCoy & Mickey McCoy [2]2009/05/09DePere, WI
Cabinet: Dysfunction & Mason Quinn2009/07/26Denmark, WI
Hellriders: Sam Hane & Steve Sadist2009/10/24Pound, WI
Cabinet: Dave Demone & Mason Quinn2009/12/04Green Bay, WI
B.G. James & Dysfunction2010/01/30Green Bay, WI
Dysfunction & Mason Quinn [2] 2010/05/01 Pulaski, WI
Face each other in a singles match that ends as a double pinfall and recognized as a champion team.
Beer City Bruisers: Matt Winchester & Nick Colucci 2010/07/17 Wausaukee, WI
Defeat Dysfunction & Quinn and All-Canada Show: Brandon Haze & Trevor Gibson in a 3-way match; vacant in 11/04.
InkJET Express: Mark Priebe & Joey Avalon 2011/10/15 Green Bay, WI
Defeat Dream Police: Chris Gambino & Don Gotti in tournament final.
Dream Police: Chris Gambino & Don Gotti 2012/03
Mirror Image: Bronson Bay & Ryan Summers 2012/04/07? Green Bay, WI?
InkJET Express [2] 2012/06/15 Crandon, WI
Defeat Bay & Brock Hardy (subbing for the injured Summers); ACW leaves NWA and becomes Wisconsin Pro Wrestling in 12/09.