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All-star Championship Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

Adrian Lynch1999/06/24Green Bay, WI
Defeats Adam Pearce to become the first champion.
Adam Pearce1999/09/11Green Bay, WI
Defeats Lynch and Skull in a 3-way match.
Rob Norwood2000/04/21Green Bay, WI
Wins a 3-way match.
Adrian Lynch [2]2000/09/20
Hillbilly Hills2001/01/19Kiel, WI
Kevin Krueger2001/04/07Green Bay, WI
Ken Anderson2001/09/29Green Bay, WI
Kevin Krueger2003/04/18Green Bay, WI
Defeats Dino Bambino.
Gangrel2003/09/06Denmark, WI
Kevin Krueger [2]2003/10/24Green Bay, WI
Chris Jordan2003/11/26Ashwaubenon, WI
Dysfunction [3]2004/02/24DePere, WI
John Johnson2004/05/08Luxemburg, WI
Dysfunction [4]2004/06/26DePere, WI
Vacant in 03.
Silas Young2004/08/28Shawano, WI
Dysfunction2004/10/09Luxemburg, WI
Ken Anderson [2]2005/02/19
Wins a gauntlet match against Dysfunction, Rob Norwood, and Shane Hills; vacant on 05/05/21.
Quinson Valentino2005/05/21
Wins tournament.
J-Cash2005/09/24Green Bay, WI
Sam Hayne2005/10/29Manitowoc, WI
Defeats J-Cash, Shane Hills, and Jesus R in a 4-way match; inactive after 05.
Nick Colucci 2008/07/12 Howard, WI
Defeats Mason Quinn for the reactivated title.
Dysfunction2009/01/24DePere, WI
Dinn T. Moore2009/02/14DePere, WI
Dave Demone2009/09/19Pulaski, WI
Shane Hills2009/11/28Cecil, WI
Ken Anderson2009/12/04Green Bay, WI
Shane Hills2009/12/04Green Bay, WI
Brandon Haze 2011/01/22 Green Bay, WI
Vacant in 11/04.
Captain Freedom 2011/05/14 Green Bay, WI
Wins a gauntlet match.
TW3 (Thomas Walton III) 2011/06/18 Howard, WI
Nick Colucci [2] 2011/10/15 Green Bay, WI
Shane Hills [2] 2011/12/02 Green Bay, WI
ACW leaves NWA and becomes Wisconsin Pro Wrestling in 12/09.