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Vanguard Championship Wrestling
United States Liberty Title
(as of 2014/07/26)

Shorty Smalls2004/07/11Hampton, VA
Joey Silvia2004/11/07Hampton, VA
Sean Lei2005/03/13Hampton, VA
Dirty Money2005/03/27Hampton, VA
Stripped on 06/11/18.
Krotch2007/07/07Virginia Beach, VA
Wins a battle royal.
Janus2008/03/01Virginia Beach, VA
Vacant in 08/05 for signing with WWE.
Justin Flash2008/05/31Norfolk, VA
Defeats Christian York in a tournament final.
Tonic2008/11/01Virginia Beach, VA
Horrorshow2009/08/02Norfolk, VA
Wins a 4-way match against Tonic, The Reason, and Jake Manning.
John Kermon2009/12/19Virginia Beach, VA
Paul London 2011/07/30 Hampton, VA
Victor Griff 2012/07/28 Norfolk, VA
Jay Steel 2013/07/27 Norfolk, VA
The Reason 2014/07/26 Norfolk, VA

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