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Virginia Championship Wrestling ( 1996/10 - 2004/03 )
Vanguard Championship Wrestling ( 2004/03 - )
Tag Team Title
(as of 2014/07/26)

Death-n-Destruction: Frank Parker & Roger Anderson1996/10/15Charles City, VA
Genocide: Dark Justice & Nuclear Nightmare1999/05/01Suffolk, VA
Russian Mafia: Mikael Kolov & Nikolai Petrovka 1999/12/19Newport News, VA
Preston Quinn & Scab2000/06/04Newport News, VA
Phil Brown & Steve Perez2000/09/24Newport News, VA
Gentlemens Club: Lord Everette Devore & Latin Lover2002/05/13Newport News, VA
Hot Property & Kory James2001/05/13Chesapeake, VA
Ray Storm & Mark Anthony2001/11/18Newport News, VA
Christian York & Joey Matthews2001/12/01Smithfield, VA
Vacant in 01.
Sean Lei & Sonjay Dutt2002/04/21Newport News, VA
Stripped immediately afterwards due to outside interefernce throughout the night.
Idol X & Greg Steele2002/07/14Newport News, VA
Defeat Sean Lei & Preston Quinn in tournament final.
Revelation: Malaki & Marchocias 2002/09/22Newport News, VA
Old School Empire: Mike Booth & Damien Wayne 2003/01/19Newport News, VA
Chris Escobar & Spank2003/04/11Bridgewater, VA
Old School Empire [2]2003/10/26Gloucester, VA
Phil Brown & Dirty Money2004/04/17Norfolk, VA
Revelation: 6D6 & Brandon Day2004/11/07Hampton, VA
Sean Lei & Dirty Money2005/08/14Hampton, VA
Street Sweepers: Vercetti & J-Sinn2005/09/11Hampton, VA
Ross Hall & James Hall2006/04/08Williamsburg, VA
Christian York & John Kermon2007/05/05Virginia Beach, VA
Hallstars: Ross Hall & James Hall [2]2007/07/07Virginia Beach, VA
Geordie Bulldogs: Sean Denny & Mark Denny2008/12/13Virginia Beach, VA
6D6 substitutes for Mark in the title match.
Assault & Battery: Diamond Victor Griff & Carlos Hottness2009/05/02Suffolk, VA
The Set: Lance Lude & J-Sinn 2010/02/27 Virginia Beach, VA
Defeat Hallstars and Phil Brown & The Reason in a 3-way match.
Hallstars [3] 2011/06/04 Norfolk, VA
Chatch & Krotch 2011/12/03 Hampton, VA
Hallstars [4] 2012/04/21 Norfolk, VA
The Set [2] 2012/12/15 Norfolk, VA
The Firm: Shorty Smalls & Mr. Class 2013/06/01 Norfolk, VA
By default.
Platinum Enforcers: Phil Brown & C.W. Anderson 2014/02/01 Norfolk, VA
Defeat the Firm and Geordie Bulldogs: Sean Denny & Mark Denny in 3-way match.

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