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Last updated on 2011/08/01

Virginia Championship Wrestling
Cruiserweight Title

Flex Phenom 1999/05/01 Suffolk, VA
Defeats Jacey North, Gusto, and Hot Property to win vacant title; initially recognized as Light Heavyweight Title.
Jacey North1999/08/14Yorktown, VA
Steve Perez2000/03/19Newport News, VA
Jacey North [2]2000/04/16Newport News, VA
Hot Property2000/06/04Newport News, VA
Kid Canada2000/11/19Newport News, VA
Wins a 3-way match; vacant when Canada is injured.
Korie James2001/02/25Newport News, VA
Defeats Skeeter.
Eric Kreed 2001/10<
Steve Perez [2] 2001/10/27<
Sean Lei2001/12/09Newport News, VA
Vacant on 02/08/25 because Lei also holds the Heavyweight Title.
Spank2002/08/25Newport News, VA
Robert Royal2003/01/19Newport News, VA

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