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Last updated on 2017/09/17

NWA Virginia State Tag Team Title

George Becker & Dick Steinborn 1957/07/12 Petersburg, VA
Defeat George Scott & Sandy Scott to become the first champions.

Untouchables: Sean Lei & Kory James2002/09/21Richmond, VA
Defeat Greg Steel & Idol X to be recognized by NWA Virginia; stripped on 03/07/18 due to Lei's back injury.
Old School Empire: Mike Booth & Damian Wayne2003/07/18Richmond, VA
Defeat Jay Owens & Trey Owens and The Premiere Players: Dash Bennett & Ryan Spade; stripped in 04/11 for missing a scheduled title defense.
Scotty Blaze & Frank Parker2004/11/13Richmond, VA
Defeat Preston Quinn & Mailicious Murphy.
Old School Empire: Preston Quinn & Mike Boothe2005/04/23Richmond, VA
Defeat Scotty Blaze & Pharaoh, replacing the missing Parker.
Platinum Icons: Dirty Money & Phil Brown2006/03/25Saluda, VA
Declared vacant on 06/11/18.
Totally Awesome: Kamikaze Kid & El Suico2007/02/03Saluda, VA
Win a 4-corner elimination match against Team FSU: Horrorshow & 6D6, Fusion GX, and Danger International: Mike Vaughn & Chris Dramin; declared vacant in 08/10 when NWA Virginia is renamed NWA Fusion.

* Replaced with NWA Fusion Tag Team Title.