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NWA Virginia State Junior Heavyweight Title

Erik Kreed2002/03/22
Awarded as first champion; vacant on 02/07/12 when Kreed retires due to personal reasons; still held up after the match between Chino Martinez and Robert Royal ends in a DQ win for Royal on 02/09/21 in Richmond, VA.
Chino Martinez2003/05/10Richmond, VA
Defeats Robert Royal in a best of seven series.
Chris Escobar2004/03/13Prince George, VA
Stripped on 04/06/19 due to no-show.
Grail2004/06/19Richmond, VA
Defeats Sean Lei.
Mike Vaughn2004/11/13Richmond, VA
Unholy Grail [2]2005/04/09Hopewell, VA
Tommie Smallz2005/12/03Sugar Grove, VA
Grail [2]2006/03/25Saluda, VA
Tony Kozina2006/05/13Martinsville, VA