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All-Star Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Eddie Browning & Colt Steele2005/09/17Wise, VA
Win a 8-Team tournament to become first champions.
Midnight Express: Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey2005/11/04Oakwood, VA
Stripped on 05/11/17 due to the use of a foreign object during a match.
Eddie Browning & Colt Steele [2]2005/11/17Coeburn, VA
Defeat Midnite Mauler & Worm in a 4-Team tournament final; ASW becomes an associate of NWA Virginia in 06/01.
Iron Cross & Rasslin' Evangelist2006/02/12Castlewood, VA
Defeat Browning & Michael Jameson, subbing for the injured Steele' vacate due to Evangelist's injury.
Midnite Mauler & Worm2006/04/04Rural Retreat, VA
Defeat Eddie Browning & Michael Jameson.
Eddie Browning & Michael Jameson2006/08/19Burnsville, NC
Bobby Houston & Chris Guerrero2006/09/02Jonesville, VA
Scott Sterling & Jake Manning2007/03/02Hurley, VA
Bobby Houston & Iron Cross2007/05/03Big Stone Gap, VA
Eddie Golden & K.C. Thunder2007/08/04Bristol, TN
Still/again champions as of 08/05/28.