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United Wrestling Network
Television Title
(as of 2017/12/03)

Kevin Martenson 2015/07
Has defeated Scorpio Sky on 15/03/22 in Port Huemene, CA to win CWFH Title; awarded UWN Title in 15/07.
Peter Avalon 2015/07/26 Port Huemene, CA
Also wins Heritage Title, defeating Johnny Yuma on 15/08/23 in Port Huemene, CA; vacates the Television Title on 15/09/13 in order to concentrate on the Heritage Title
James Morgan 2015/09/13 Port Huemene, CA
Defeats Ryan Taylor in the final of the "2015 Summer Classic Series".
Tyler Bateman 2016/05/15 Port Huemene, CA
Scorpio Sky 2017/02/12 Port Huemene, CA
Rocky Romero 2017/05/28 Port Huemene, CA
Scorpio Sky [2] 2017/12/03 Port Huemene, CA