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United Wrestling Network
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/12/03)

Timothy Thatcher & Drew Gulak 2015/12/06
Have defeated Joey Ryan & Ryan Taylor on 15/06/28 in Port Huemene, CA to win CWFH Heritage Title; awarded UWN Title in 15/12/06.
Cold Cold World: Will Rood & Damien Grundy 2015/12/06 Port Huemene, CA
Friendship Express: Jervis Cottonbelly & The Hobo 2016/04/10 Port Huemene, CA
Vacant in 17/04.
Pac-3: Dan Joseph & Dylan Bostic 2017/04/23 Port Huemene, CA
Defeat Classic Connection: Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro, Spirit & The Stars: Astro Viajero & Espiritu, and Eric Watts & Ty Matthews in 4-way elimination match.
Reno SCUM: Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend 2017/12/03 Port Huemene, CA