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Last updated on 2016/03/15

World Welterweight Title

Stanley Karp 1909/02/18<  
Also billed as American Title.
Mike Yokel 1910/02/08 Salt Lake City, UT
Also defeats another claimant Al Ackerman on 10/02/25 in Salt Lake City, UT; still champion as of 11/05/18.
Robin Reed 1926/01<  
Dean Park 1927/09/06 Provo, UT
Jack Reynolds 1931/04/18<  
Still champion as of 32/03/26.
Henry Jones 1933/05/11<  
Also wins the Western Title, defeating Hy Sharman on 33/05/26 in Salt Lake City, UT; Hy Sharman defeats Jones on 33/06/02 Salt Lake City, UT for the Western Title but is initially reported as winning the World Title.
Robin Reed [2] 1933/06/30<  
Still champion as of 33/07/21, 33/11/17, and 34/03/02.
Henry Jones [2] 1934/04/16<  
Jack Reynolds [2] 1934/03/12<  
Recognized by the National Wrestling Association; Harry Kuehne is said to hold the title in 37, defeating Henry Jones, according to the Salt Lake Tribune on 67/04/14.