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Last updated on 2015/11/13

World Tigerweight Title

* Also billed as World Junior Heayvweight Title in the late 1930s.

George Kotsonaros1927/04/24<
Ira Dern1927/11/11Salt Lake City, UT
Tom Alley1928/03/03Ogden, UT
Still champion as of 28/03/29.
Ira Dern1928/08/29<
George Kotsonaros [2]1928/11/02Salt Lake City, UT
Ira Dern [2]1929/01/29Salt Lake City, UT
Paul Jones1929/02/07Salt Lake City, UT
Ira Dern [3]1929/02/29Salt Lake City, UT
Still/again champion as of 31/10/08; Tom Alley claims the title in Ogden, UT as of 29/03/29 at least until 29/06/03.
Hollis Holeman1932/03/31<
Del Kunkel *1936/05/15<
Billed as "Junior Heavyweight Champion" in Salt Lake City, UT at least until 36/07/06; may be for the Intermountain Light Heavyweight Title.
Otis Clingman1937/02/10<
Del Kunkel1937/02/12Salt Lake City, UT
Vacates in 39/04 for not being able to maintain the weight limit.
Iran Dern [4]1939/04/21Salt Lake City, UT
Defeats Billy Edwards in tournament final.
Del Kunkel [2]1939/06/02<
Still champion as of 40/11/11; no longer champion as of 40/12/15.