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Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero
Tag Team Title
(as of 2016/08/13)

Los Mochis: Paco & Pedro 2003/03<
Jason Ray & Stevie Slick2003/03/15Salt Lake City, UT
Vacant in 03.
Los Mochis: Paco & Damien 2003/05/16
Defeat ERA.
No Fat Chicks: Derrick Jannetty & Charles Shipwright 2003/12/06<
Still champions as of 04/02/07.
Tristan Gallo & Justin Wilde2004/06<
Tyson Ferrari & Jeff Matthew Bryant2004/06/18Salt Lake City, UT
European Union: Adrian Blade & Rain McCreede 2004/11
Tyson Ferrari & Jeff Matthew Bryant [2]2004/12
G.Q. Gallo & Tristan Gallo2005/11/27<
Los Mochi Paco & Tyson Ferrari2006/03/31Casa Grande, AZ
Los Mochis: Paco & Damien [2] 2006/05/15Salt Lake City, UT
Ferrari walks out on Paco during a title defense and Damien takes his place.
High Rollaz: Brian Masen & Jeff Matthew Bryant 2006/06/24Salt Lake City, UT
Defeat Paco & Guerrero Azteca, subbing for Damien.
Los Mochis: Paco & Guerrero Azteca 2006/07/28Salt Lake City, UT
Team with Konnan to defeat High Rollaz & Stevie Slick in a 6-man tag team match.
Total Control: Tristan Gallo & Devan Payne 2006/09/04Provo, UT
High Risk: Derrick Jannetty & Radical Ricky 2006/12/02Salt Lake City, UT
Cassidy & Dallas Murdock2007/08/31Provo, UT
Paco & Blitz2008/05/17W. Jordan, UT
Stevie Slick & Devan Payne 2008/09/06 W. Jordan, UT
Stevie Slick & Dallas Murdock 2009/07/18
Murdock replaces Payne.
Eccentric Lion & J. Cash 2009/08/22 Murray, UT
Defeat Murdock & Kid Cade, subbing for Slick.
Paco & Jr-X 2009/12/19 Murray, UT
Wild Bunch: Deavud the Destroyer & Zack James 2010/09/25<
Sometime after 10/05/29.
C.J. Ramos & Guerrero Azteca 2010/11/20 Salt Lake City, UT
Dream Team: Stevie Slick & Tyler Cintron 2011/01/29 Salt Lake City, UT
Dream Team: Stevie Slick & Protege 2011
Cintron decides to concentrate on singles competitions and is replaced by Protege.
God Squad: Paco & Bronson 2011/11/19 Salt Lake City, UT
Salt City Mascarade: Junior X & Zack James 2012/01/28 Salt Lake City, UT
Guerrero Azteca & Validus 2012/03/31 Salt Lake City, UT
Regulators: Cassidy & Dallas Murdock [2] 2012/07/28 Salt Lake City, UT
Vacant after a match against the Saints & Sinners ends as no contest on 12/10/06 in Salt Lake City, UT.
American Pitbulls: Craig Stevens & Jason Jaxon 2012/10/20 Salt Lake City, UT
Defeat Guerrero Azteca & Manny Fresh in a tournament final.
Martin Casaus & Derrick Jannetty 2013/03/23 Salt Lake City, UT
American Pitbulls [2] 2013/04/20 Salt Lake City, UT
Martin Casaus & Derrick Jannetty [2] 2013/10/19 Salt Lake City, UT
Defeat American Pitbulls and Paco & Junior X in 3-way match.
801 District: Paco & Jr-X [2] 2013/11/30 Salt Lake City, UT
Team BAD: Braiden Austin & Dante Acosta 2014/09/27 Salt Lake City, UT
Reign of Insane: Bronson & Kade 2014/01/31 Salt Lake City, UT
Fella Twins: Chip & Tommy Purr 2015/08/22 Salt Lake City, UT
Vacant when the team breaks up in 16/01.
HR Nightmare: Jason Jaxon & Big Vig 2016/02/13 Salt Lake City, UT
Defeat 801 District: Paco & Jr-X.
Andrew SoWell & Tom Chad 2016/08/13 Salt Lake City, UT