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Last updated on 2016/07/04

Intermountain Middleweight Title

* Also billed as the Western Title.

Mike Yokel 1912/04/16 Salt Lake City, UT
Defeats Julius Johnson.
Art Chester 1922/08/12 Albany, OR
Defeats Charlie Olson for the vacant Northwest Title; also billed as Intermountain Champion in Albany, OR; still champion as of 22/09/25.
Del Kunkel 1933/10/27 Salt Lake City, UT
Defeat Henry Jones to be recognized as the Intermountain champion; in Ogden, UT, Dave Reynolds claims the Western Title in 33/12 but loses to Kunkel on 34/02/19; Kunkel is still champion as of 34/04/13.
Ralph Morley 1934/08/21<
Still champion as of 35/03/05.
Del Kunkel [2] 1935/10/03<
Ralph Morley [2] 1936/12/15<