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Last updated on 2017/06/13

American Welterweight Title

Max Luttbeg 1892/08/29 St. Louis, MO
Defeats Barney McFadenn.
Barney McFadenn 1894/01/27St. Louis, MO
May be for the World Title.
Peter Schumacher 1894/10<
George Baptiste 1894/10/28 St. Louis, MO
Peter Schumacher [2] 1895/04<
Herbert Hale 1895/04/15 Indianapolis, IN, USA
Still champion as of 95/08/31; also billed as World Title.
Billy Schober 1912/04/27<
Indiana champion, starts claiming American Title sometime after 12/03/14; starts claiming the World Title in late 1913.

Eddie Barr 1897/01/15Springfield, OH
Defeats Elmer Woodmansee.
Charles Conkle 1904
Tony Ajax 1906/05/22 Lima, OH
Charles Conkle [2] 1908/03/11<
Billed as champion in Wilmington, NC.

Fritz Hanson 1908/11/26<
Recognized in Putnam, CT; still/again recognized in Burlington, VT as of 09/06/01; Stanley Carp is recognized as champion in Utah as of 09/02/17.

Peter James 1909/07/20<  
Billed as champion in Houston, TX.
Jack Fisher 1911/04/12<  
Recognized in Texas.

Charlie Kaiser 1910/01/06 Williamsport, PA
Defeats Otto Roehm.

Stanley Karp 1910/02/07<  
Claims the title in Salt Lake City, UT.

Peter Buzukos 1915/05/20<

Jack Reynolds 1918/07/25 Cheyenne, WY
Defeats Champ Logan (or defends the title against him).
Peter Buzukos [2] 1920/07/16<
Billed as champion in Cheyenne, WY.

Walter Evans 1919<
"Former" champion on 19/04/29 issue of a La Crosse, WI paper.

Herb Waddell 1922/02/24<

Adam Weissmuller 1929/01<