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Last updated on 2017/09/15

American Light Heavyweight Title

Martin "Farmer" Burns 1906/05/16<
Charles Olson 1906/05/17 Asheville, NC
Defeats Fred Beell to win the World Title on 09/01/04 in Chicago, IL.

Fred Beell 1908/01/13<
Americus (Gus Schoenlein) 1908/04/08 Baltimore, MD
May start claiming the World Title after this match; still champion as of 13/01/04.

Jim Asbell 1911/03/06<  
Paul Domke 1911/03/13 Sioux Falls, SD
Still champion as of 11/07/19.
Fred Beell [2] 1912/11/21<  
Also billed as world champion.
Theodore Peter 1913/02/10 St. Paul, MN
Recognized as the world champion after defeating Henry Irslinger, billed as European champion, on 13/12/03 in Minneapolis, MN
Floyd Domer 1914/12/30<  
Billed as champion in Minnesota and S. Dakota; still champion as of 15/01/22.

Jack Donovan 1910/12/19<  
Claims title in Portland, OR.
John Berg 1911/11/24 Spokane, WA
Defeats Jack Donovan and is also recognized as champion in Los Angeles, CA and Vancouver, BC; still champion as of 12/02/05; also billed as World champion and Pacific Coast champion in Pacific Northwest.
Pat Connolly 1912/11/01 Vancouver, BC
John Berg [2] 1914/07/09<  

Thomas Dodge 1913/10/09<
Billed as champion in Tampa, FL.

Ernest Kartje 1916/11/18<
Claims the title in Little Rock, AR.

Jim Londos 1917/01/25<
Billed as champion in Burlington, IA; claims the World Title from 17/02.

Paul Martinson 1919/01/22<
Recognized as champion in Indiana.

John Ellis 1919/01/07<
Recognized as champion in eastern Ohio.
George Alexander 1920/04/14<
Recognized as champion in Ohio.
George Romanoff 1933/11/03<
Billed as United States Light Heavyweight Title; has faced Harry Nixon for the title on 33/10/02 in Atlanta, GA (winner unknown)

Tom Alley 1932/02/15<  
Billed as champion in Hawaii and probably in Montana as well.

Jack Curtis 1942/06/10<
Billed as United States champion in Louisiana; recognized as world champion from 42/08 or 42/09.

Ted Christy 1957/02/05<  
Listed on a Petersburg, VA newspaper as former United States Junior Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight champion.

Pat Clancy 1964/02/28<  
Billed as champion in Freeport, IL.