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Last updated on 2017/11/04

United States Junior Light Heavyweight Title

Gus Kallio 1940/01  
Claims the title in Monroe, LA.
Rex Mobley 1940/04/09 Monroe, LA
Sugy Hayamaka 1940/05 *
Announced on 40/05/23 as having "recently" defeated Mobley for the title.
Russ Riley 1940/06/06 Monroe, LA
Gorilla Grubmeyer 1940/08/01 Monroe, LA
Jack Curtis 1940/10/17Monroe, LA
Billed as holding United States Junior Light Heavyweight and Southern Light Heavyweight titles in 41/07; vacant in 42/01 when Curtis concentrates on the light heavyweight division.

Rex Mobley 1941/02/23<  
Billed as the National champion in W. Palm Beach, FL.