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Last updated on 2017/06/02

American/United States Junior Heavyweight Title

Rudy Dusek 1928/10/06<
Recognized in Shreveport, LA as having defended the American title for "many months"; billed as world champion in New Orleans, LA; still billed as American champion as of 28/12/14; also holds Southern Heavyweight Title.

Billy Varga * 1949 *
Listed on 54/04/23 edition of an Oil City, PA newspaper, mentioning the TV program most likely out of Hollywood, CA, as having held the title "since 1949."

Dory Funk 1953/10/29 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Roger Mackay to win the vacant Southwestern States Title and also claims the United States Title; still champion as of 54/07; despite the continous requests from the Amarillo promoter, NWA never recognizes the title; Funk most likely vacates when he moves up to the heavyweight division in 54/07.

Midwest Wrestling Association [Ohio] ( 1947 - 1953 )
National Wrestling Alliance [various versions] ( 1960s - 1989 )