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Last updated on 2010/12/08

World Class Wrestling Association
Texas Tag Team Title

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Tony Atlas & Skip Young87/06/29Ft. Worth, TX
Defeat Ted Arcidi & Texas Red in tournament final.
John Tatum & Jack Victory88/01/05Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Skip Young when Atlas no-shows; title held up on 88/01/29 after a match against Fantastics: Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton in Dallas, TX.
John Tatum & Jack Victory [2]88/02/14Ft. Worth, TX
Get belts back by high card draw.
Steve Simpson & Shaun Simpson88/03/20Ft. Worth, TX
John Tatum & Jack Victory [3]88/04/08Ft. Worth, TX
Steve Simpson & Shaun Simpson [2]88/07/25Temple, TX
John Tatum & Jimmy Jack Funk88/09/05Ft. Worth, TX
Samoan Swat Team: Fatu & Samu 88/09/12Ft. Worth, TX
Vacant in 88.
Beauty & The Beast: Terrence Garvin & The Beast 89/03/03Ft. Worth, TX
Defeat Chris Adams & Jeff Jarrett in tournament final.
Steve Simpson & Shaun Simpson [3]89/04/28Ft. Worth, TX
Title retired in 89.

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