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The Spoiler (Don Jardine)79
Wins battle royal to become first champion.
Bill Irwin
Jose Lothario
The Spoiler [2]82/05/17Ft. Worth, TX
Wins battle royal.
Frank Dusek82
The Spoiler [3]82/06/12Ft. Worth, TX
Bill Irwin [2]82/07
Brian Adias82/07
Bill Irwin [3]82/07/19Ft. Worth, TX
Bugsy McGraw82
Bill Irwin [4]82/10<
Checkmate (Tony Charles)82/10/04Ft. Worth, TX
Frank Dusek [2]82/10
Al Madril82/11/01Ft. Worth, TX
Great Kabuki83/01/03Ft. Worth, TX
Tola Yatsu (Yoshiaki Yatsu)83/02/07Ft. Worth, TX
Iceman King Parsons83/03/28Ft. Worth, TX
The Mongol (Gene Lewis)83/05/30Ft. Worth, TX
Chris Adams83/07/11Ft. Worth, TX
Jimmy Garvin83/10/24Ft. Worth, TX
Johnny Mantell83/10/31Ft. Worth, TX
Super Destroyer (Scott Irwin)83/11/28Ft. Worth, TX
Brian Adias [2]83/12/05Ft. Worth, TX
Super Destroyer [2]84/01/09Ft. Worth, TX
Iceman King Parsons [2]84/02/06Ft. Worth, TX
Kelly Kiniski84/02/20Ft. Worth, TX
Killer Khan84/05/07Ft. Worth, TX
Subs for injured Kiniski in defence against Johnny Mantell and is awarded the title.
Kevin Von Erich # 84/05/21 Ft. Worth, TX
Given the title after a DQ win over Khan, but declines the title pending a rematch on 05/28; vacant on 84/05/28 when the rematch ends in a DDQ, and both wrestlers are barred from competing for the title.
Chris Adams [2]84/06/11Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Kelly Kiniski.
Jake Roberts84/08/13Ft. Worth, TX
Chris Adams [3]84/09/03Ft. Worth, TX
Billy Haynes (Billy Jack Haynes)85/01/07Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Gino Hernandez, subbing for absent Adams; vacant in 85/02 when Haynes leaves the area; announced as having been injured by Rip Oliver.
Rip Oliver85/02/04Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Buck Zumhofe; vacant on 85/03/25 when Oliver suspended for attacking Mike Von Erich.
Scott Casey85/04/01Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Dennis Condrey.
Killer Tim Brooks85/06/10Ft. Worth, TX
Iceman King Parsons [3]85/07/15Ft. Worth, TX
Vacant on 85/08/05 when Parsons no-shows scheduled defence against John Tatum.
John Tatum85/08/05Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Shawn Cody.
Iceman King Parsons [4]85/10/21Ft. Worth, TX
Vacant in 85/11 when Parsons injured by Rick Rood (Rick Rude).
Dave Peterson85/12/02Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats The Grappler (Len Denton).
Jack Victory85/12/09Ft. Worth, TX
Mark Youngblood85/12/23Ft. Worth, TX
Buddy Roberts86/01/06Ft. Worth, TX
Lance Von Erich (Ricky Vaughn)86/03/24Ft. Worth, TX
Rick Rude86/05/05Ft. Worth, TX
Bruiser Brody86/05/17Ft. Worth, TX
Wins by DQ.
Chris Adams [4]86/06
Given title by injured Brody.
Buzz Sawyer86/06/16Ft. Worth, TX
Steve Simpson86/08/11Ft. Worth, TX
Crusher Yurkof (Bam Bam Bigelow)86/10/20Ft. Worth, TX
Tony Atlas86/12/01Ft. Worth, TX
Wins by DQ; titl retired in 87/04< when Atlas leaves the area.

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