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NWA Top of Texas Light Heavyweight Title

Brice Payne2011/06/11Amarillo, TX
Defeats Dice Murdock for PWF Junior Heavyweight Title; renamed NWA Amarillo Light Heavyweight Title on 11/06/20.
J.B. Sneaux2011/09/10Amarillo, TX
Nathan Briggs 2011/11/05 Amarillo, TX
Austin Riley 2011/12/17 Amarillo, TX
Renamed NWA Top of Texas Title in 12/01.
Cody Jones 2012/02/18 Amarillo, TX
Mark E. Mark 2012/04/07 Amarillo, TX
Josh Jackson 2012/07/07 Amarillo, TX
JoJo Benitez 2012/10/20 Amarillo, TX
Austin Riley [2] 2013/02/09 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Benitez, Nolen Phillips, and Josh Jackson in 4-way match; loses a career match on 13/03/30.
Chris Wolfe 2013/06/22 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Cody Jones, Hudson Crowley, and JoJo Benitez in 4-way match.
Hudson Crowley 2014/06/21 Amarillo, TX
Ryan Justice 2014/10/11 Amarillo, TX
Nolen Phillips 2014/11/08 Amarillo, TX
Ryan Justice [2] 2014/12/13 Amarillo, TX
Nolen Phillips [2] 2014/01/17 Amarillo, TX
Russian Assassin 2015/02/28 Amarillo, TX
Wins a scramble match in which Phillips also particiates.
Nolen Phillips [3] 2015/03/07 Amarillo, TX
Stripped on 15/05/23; title retired on the same day.

* See also NWA Top of Texas Junior Heavyweight Title.