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Last updated on 2014/08/07

International Tag Team Title

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Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello & Roy Heffernan 1959/02<
Mike DiBiase & Danny Plechas1959/02/19Amarillo, TX
Defeat Kangaroos: Al Costello & Roy Heffernan.
Kangaroos [2]1959/03/05Amarillo, TX
Paul DeGalles & Ed Sharpe1963/03
Vacant in 63/04.
Medics1963/05/07Amarillo, TX
Defeat Gory Guerrero & Juan Garcia in tournament final.
Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk 1971/12/07 Sapporo, JPN
Win the JWA version from Giant Baba & Antonio Inoki defend in West Texas in 72/01.
Killer Karl Krupp & Fritz Von Erich1973/04/18Yaizu, JPN
Win the JWA version from Kintaro Ohki & Umanosuke Ueda.
Killer Karl Krupp & Karl Von Steiger1973/04
Von Erich gives up the title; Krupp chooses Von Steiger as new partner.
Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk [2]1973/05/26Amarillo, TX
Ciclon Negro & Killer Karl Kox 1973/08/29Lubbock, TX
Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk [3] 1973/09/23<
Giant Baba & Jumbo Tsuruta1975/02/05San Antonio, TX

* See NWA International Tag Team Title (All Japan version).

* Special thanks to Kriss from Amarillo Wrestling Wiki.

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