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Last updated on 2016/08/27

NWA Texas Brass Knuckles Title

[W. Texas]

Dory Funk * 1962<  
Stripped in 62.
Fritz Von Erich 1962/09/19 Lubbock, TX
Defeats Don Leo Jonathan.
Louie Tillet 1964/08/24<
Still champion as of 64/10/20.
The Lawman (Don Slatton) 1967/03/13<
Vacant in 67/09<; Lawman wrestles Thunderbolt Patterson for the vacant title on 67/09/14 in Amarillo, TX but the match ends as a no contest; in Lubbock, TX, Thunderbolt Patterson defeats Dory Funk Jr. to win the title on 67/09/11.
The Lawman [2] 1967/09/28 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Thunderbolt Patterson; in Lubbock, TX, Jose Lothario defeats Patterson on 67/10/04.
Thunderbolt Patterson 1967/10/05 Amarillo, TX
Loses to Dr. Blood in Lubbock, TX on 67/11/01 but continues to be recognized in Amarillo, TX.
Dory Funk 1967/11/22 Amarillo, TX
Thunderbolt Patterson [2]1968/01/18<
Kurt Von Brauner1968/02/29Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [2] 1968/03/06 Lubbock, TX
Local newspaper reports that Funk defeats Karl Von Brauner but it may be a mistake.
Larry Hennig 1968/03/14<
Dory Funk [3] 1968/03/19 Odessa, TX
Kurt Von Brauner [2]1968/05<
Thunderbolt Patterson [3]1968/05/30Amarillo, TX
Pat Patterson1968/07/18Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [4]1968/11/28Amarillo, TX
Still champion as of 69/04/23.
The Lawman [2]1969/12<
Dick Murdoch1970/01/01Amarillo, TX
The Lawman [3] 1970/01/30 Abilene, TX
Still champion as of 70/03/27.
Bull Ramos 1970/06/12<
Bob Griffin1970/08/27Amarillo, TX
Thunderbolt Patterson [4]1970/10/15Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [5]1970/11/19Amarillo, TX
Mr. Wrestling (Gordon Nelson) 1971/02/03 Lubbock, TX
Dory Funk [6] 1971/02/24 Amarillo, TX
Still champion as of 71/06/08.
Dick Murdoch [2] 1972/02/01<
Ricky Romero 1972/03/20 El Paso, TX
Bobby Duncum 1972/03/27 El Paso, TX
Loses to Ricky Romero on 72/04/03 in El Paso, TX but may continue to be recognized in other cities.
Pak Song 1972/04/05 Lubbock, TX
Defeats Duncum.
Bobby Duncum [2] 1972/04/06 Amarillo, TX
Pak Song may be still billed as champion in Lubbock on 72/04/12.
Ray Hunter 1972/05/17 Lubbock, TX
Dick Murdoch [3] 1972/05/18Amarillo, TX
Loses to Pak Song on 72/07/03 in Abilene, TX but continues to be recognized in other cities.
Terry Funk1972/07/13Amarillo, TX
Murdoch defeats Pak on 72/07/31 to regain the recognition in Abilene; Funk defeats Murdoch on 72/08/07 for the recognition in Abilene, TX; still champion as of 72/09/14.
Ciclon Negro 1972/10<
Terry Funk [2] 1972/11
Ciclon Negro [2] 1973/01/25<
Ricky Romero [2] 1973/10/04 Amarillo, TX
Killer Karl Krupp 1973/11/01Amarillo, TX
Killer Karl Kox [2] 1973/12/13 Amarillo, TX
Dick Murdoch [4] 1974/05
Sometime between 74/05/02 and 74/05/09.
Mark Lewin 1974/08/16 Abilene, TX
Wins a 4-man tournament; other participants: Jim Dillon, Ben Justice, and The Patriot.
Siegfried Stanke 1974/08/27 Odessa, TX
Lewin again loses to Karl Von Steiger on 74/08/28 in Lubbock, TX.
Jim Dillon 1974/10/04 Abilene, TX
Killer Karl Kox [3] 1974/12/26<
Karl Von Steiger 1975/04<  
Scott Casey 1975/04/17 Amarillo, TX
Bobby Jaggers 1975/05/07 Lubbock, TX
Repeated next day in Amarillo, TX.
Ray Stevens 1975/06/30<
Johnny Starr1975/07/30Lubbock, TX
Wins by forfeit when Stevens no-shows; Stevens continue to be recognized in Amarillo, TX and defends against Starr on 75/07/31.
Ray Stevens [2] 1975/08/06Lubbock, TX
The Lawman [3] 1975/08/28 Amarillo, TX
Ray Stevens [3] 1975/09/18 Amarillo, TX
Still champion as of 75/10/09.
Hank James1976/04<
Still champion as of 76/06/14.
Dennis Stamp1976/07/07<
Dory Funk Jr.1976/09/03Lubbock, TX
Dennis Stamp defeats Funk on 76/09/30 in Amarillo, TX but the title change is void due to Stamp's usage of the ropes for leverage; Funk is still champion as of 76/11/25.
Dennis Stamp [2] 1977/03/04<  
Ciclon Negro [3] 1977/03/17<
Terry Funk [3] 1977/10/14Lubbock, TX
Also wins the Dallas version, defeating Killer Karl Krupp on 78/05/06 in Houston, TX
Ciclon Negro [4] 1977/10
Terry Funk [4] 1977/10/20 Amarillo, TX
May be a repeat of the Lubbock match.
Mr. Pogo1978/06/15Amarillo, TX
Still champion as of 78/11/08.
El Mongol1979/06<
Dick Murdoch [5] 1979/08/17? Lubbock, TX?
Still champion as of 79/08/29.
Toru Tanaka 1980/04/14 Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Bruiser Brody to win the Dallas version and is also recognized in West Texas; still champion as of 80/05/06.
Bruiser Brody 1980  
Vacant in 80 due to Brody's Japanese committment.
Stan Stasiak 1980/08/07 Amarillo, TX
Wins a 10-man battle royal; still champion as of 80/09/30.
Don Fargo 1981/08/27< 
Promotion closes in 81.

* Special thanks to Kriss from Amarillo Wrestling Wiki.