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Last updated on 2016/05/20

World Junior Heavyweight Title

Harry Mamos 1923/11/13<  
Paul Jones 1923/11/16 Houston, TX
Ralph Hammonds 1935/02/15<  
Claims the National Wrestling Association Title; still champion as of 35/04/15; Albion Britt defeats Ted Christy in tournament final on 36/04/20 in Hollywood, CA to be officially recognized by the NWA; Hammonds still/again billed as world champion in Texas as of 36/05/29 and 37/03/14.
Bill Venable 1940/12/29<  
Still champion as of 41/03/16; no longer champion as of 41/08/03.
Jack Curtis 1943/03/30<  
Leroy McGuirk 1943/04/06<  
National Wrestling Association champion, also recognized in Texas, probably for defeating Curtis.

* See NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title.