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Last updated on 2017/03/30

Southern Heavyweight Title

Paul Jones 1925/02/25<  
Jack Sherry 1925/06/23 Houston, TX
Rudy Dusek 1925 Galveston, TX
Sometime after 25/08/01; also recognized in Louisiana.
Jack Sherry [2] 1926/01/05<  
Rudy Dusek [2] 1928/10/27<  
Also recognized in Louisiana; still/again champion as of 29/05/20.
Juan Humberto 1934/08/17<  
Billy Edwards 1934/12/10 Dallas, TX
May be vacant when Edwards leaves Texas in 35/01.
Juan Humberto [2] 1935/02/05<  
Former champion as of 35/03/11; still champion as of 35/05/28; Marvin Westenberg is billed as champion in Paris, TX as of 35/04/07 and in Dallas, TX as of 35/06/28.
George Hills 1935/06< Ft. Worth, TX
Billed as having defeated Humberto in Atlata, GA "several months ago", according to a local paper in Longview, TX on 35/09/10; also billed as champion in Paris, TX as of 35/06/23 for having defeated Marvin Westenberg "seven weeks ago" in Ft. Worth, TX; recognized as champion in Dallas, TX as of 35/08/04 and in Hot Springs, AR as of 35/09/04.
Billy Edwards [2] 1935/09 Dallas, TX
Sometime between 35/09/10 and 35/09/15.
Carl Davis 1935/10/28 Dallas, TX
Juan Humberto [3] 1935/11/19 Dallas, TX
Still champion as of 36/02/02; Leo Savage also claims the title in South Texas.
Marvin Westenberg 1936/06/02< Houston, TX
Reported on local papers in Laredo, TX and Monroe, LA as having won the title "last fall"; recognized in Louisiana as of 35/11/15; still champion as of 37/01/12; no longer champion in Texas on 37/02/01.
Carl Davis [2] 1937/03/12<  
Billy Edwards [3] 1937/05/04Dallas, TX
Sol Slagel 1937/05/11 Dallas, TX
Gorilla Macias 1937/06/08 Dallas, TX
Bill Lee1937/07/06Dallas, TX
Carl Davis [3]1937/08/10Dallas, TX
Chief Little Beaver1937/09/07Dallas, TX
Billy Edwards [4] 1937/09/14Dallas, TX
Karl Sarpolis1937/11/30Dallas, TX
Juan Humberto [3]1937/12/07Dallas, TX
Still champion as of 37/12/22.
Karl Sarpolis *@ 1938
Lou Plummer *@ 1938
Wee Willie Davis *@ 1938
Leo Savage 1938/09/27<
Purple Flash 1938/10/04< Shreveport, LA *
"Last week" according to the 38/10/04 issue of a local paper in Longview, TX.

Billy Sandow 1949/03/01<
Billed as champion in Amarillo, TX.
Dan O'Connor 1950/01/27<
Billed as champion in El Paso, TX and Helena, MT.
Jack Curtis 1951/01/30<
Billed as champion in Dallas, TX; may be recognized for defeating Pat Malone in New Orleans, LA on 50/05/04.
Art Nelson 1951/02/02<
Still champion as of 51/09/08; former champion as of 52/01/20.
Buddy Fuller 1966/09/18<
Billed as champion in Dallas, TX; may have brought the Georgia version to Texas.