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Last updated on 2011/05/23

Texas Negro Women's Title

Listed only to provide a historical information from the segregation era in the United States of America. This website has no intention of racial discrimination whatsoever.

Ethel Johnson and Louise Greene are scheduled to wrestle for the vacant title (or to determine the first champion?) on 52/06/19 in Galveston, TX, but the result of the match is not included in the newspaper report which has other matches.
Ethel Johnson 1953/05/24< Galveston, TX
Still/again champion as of 53/12/08 and 54/05/06.
Babs Wingo 1955<
Ethel Johnson [2] 1955 Galveston, TX
On 59/05/29, Galveston Daily News reports "four years ago Johnson defeated Wingo here to win the state negro title"; still champion as of 60/10/04; billed as World Champion outside East Texas after 57..

* See also Negro Women's World Title.