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Last updated on 2017/12/05

Texas Middleweight Title

Tommy Ryan #1908/03/11<
Billed as champion in Wilmington, NC.
Bill Chappel 1909/03/11<
Jim Downing 1909/03/15 Waxahachie, TX
Claims Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas titles as of 09/04/07.
Pleasant L. Smith1911/03/06<
Billed as champion in Winfield, KS; still champion as of 11/08/25.
Lon Ferns1921/07/24<
Billed as Oklahoma and Texas champion in Hutchinson, KS.
Pet Brown1923/05<
Shot and killed on 23/05/05; holds the title until his death according to an Abilene, TX paper on 28/12/09.
Kala Pasha1923Brownwood, TX
Defeats Harry Demetral, according to an Abilene, TX paper on 28/12/09.
Sgt. Rich1938/11/23<
Billed as champion in Abilene, TX.