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Last updated on 2011/05/22

NWA Texas Junior Heavyweight Title

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Ralph Hammonds 36/05/18<
Still champion as of 36/06/01.
Gordon Hessel *
Billy Raborn 45/03/27 El Paso, TX
Defeats Miguel Guzman; vacates 45/11/06 when Raburn is unable to defend due to his Army duty.
Milt Olsen 45/11/27 El Paso, TX
Defeats The Hood in tournament final.
Charley Trejo 46/01/15 El Paso, TX
Gorilla Poggi 46/01/22 El Paso, TX
Milt Olsen [2] 46/03/05<  
Vacant in 47/10< when Olsen cannot make the weight limit.
Pierre LaBelle 47/12/16 El Paso, TX
Defeats Leon Kirilenko in a 20-man tournament final.
Billy Goelz 48/04/06 El Paso, TX
Milt Olsen [3] 48/05/11 El Paso, TX
Monte LaDue 49/01/14 Pampa, TX
Held up after a match against Balk Estes on 49/02/17 in Amarillo, TX.
Monte LaDue [2] 49/02/24 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Estes in rematch.
Milt Olsen [4] 49/03/01 El Paso, TX
Stripped in 49/09 for not defending in the required time.
Gorilla Ramos 50/02<
Wins tournament, probably in 49/11.
Wayne Martin 50/05/19<
Miguel Guzman 50/09/04<
Still champion as of 50/11/22.
Wayne Martin [2] 50/12/15<
Still champion as of 51/04/12.
Billy Raborn [2] 51/09/17<
Al Galento 52/01/17 Wichita Falls, TX
Billy Raborn [3] 52/03/13 Wichita Falls, TX
Rocco Perez 52/05/29 Wichita Falls, TX
Whitey Whittler 52/10/02 Wichita Falls, TX
Billy Raborn [4] 54/07<
Larry Chene 54/08
Sometime after 54/08/25.
Raul Zapata55/04/22Houston, TX
Leo Garibaldi 55/06/24? Houston, TX?
El Mongol 55/09/01 Galveston, TX
Rito Romero55
Sometime after 55/09/23.
Doug Donovan55/10
Defeats Amazing Zuma; still champion as of 55/12/20.
Luigi Macera 56/02/02<
Still champion as of 56/03/27.
Larry Chene [2] 56/07/10<
Danny McShain 56/07/24 Dallas, TX
Red Donovan 56/08/28 Dallas, TX
Still champion as of 56/10/19.
Maurice Vachon 56/12/21<
Luis Martinez 57/02/06Corpus Christi, TX
Danny McShain [2]57/03/04Ft. Worth, TX
Rito Romero [2]57/04/08Ft. Worth, TX
Red Bastien57/05/27Ft. Worth, TX
Gory Guerrero 57/07/04 San Antonio, TX
Billy King 57/10/29 Dallas, TX
Danny McShain [3] 58/01/21<
Larry Chene [3] 58/02/17?Waco, TX?
Omaya Kato58/04/15Dallas, TX
Still champion as of 58/04/23.
Larry Chene [4] 58/07/11<
Still champion as of 58/08/31.
Luigi Macera [2] 59/03<  
Tony Barbetta59/03/24Dallas, TX
Luigi Macera [3]59/03/31Dallas, TX
Ed Sharpe 59/07/24<
Jerry Kozak 59/10/25<
Silento Rodriguez 59/11/02<
Haru Sasaki 60/11/08 Dallas, TX
Dory Dixon 60/12/06Dallas, TX
Still champion as of 60/12/13.
Silento Rodriguez [2] 61/08/16<
Jerry Kozak62/06/05Dallas, TX
Still champion as of 63/01/17.
Silento Rodriguez [3] 63/07/11<
Jimmy Hines 63/10/27<
Bob Boyer 63/11/07 Corpus Christi, TX
Still champion as of 64/02.
Louis Tillet64/03Austin, TX
Defeats Pedro Patino.
Jerry Kozak [2]64
Louis Tillet [2]64/05/07Austin, TX
Fred Curry64/07/30Austin, TX
Defeats Tito Carreon; title retired in mid-60s(?).

Zane Morris99/11/12N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Jeremy Jett in tournament final.
Jeremy Jett00/03/10N. Richland Hills, TX
Zane Morris [2]00/03/31N. Richland Hills, TX
Samir00/06/02N. Richland Hills, TX
Kevin Duncan00/09/01N. Richland Hills, TX
Stripped on 00/10/24 for refusing a mandatory title defense scheduled for 00/10/27.
Mike Thunder00/11/03N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Joey Corman, Chris Chronic, Samir, and Zane Morris in a 5-way match.
Joey Corman01/02/23N. Richland Hills, TX
Mike Thunder [2]01/03/23N. Richland Hills, TX
Vacates after winning the World Junior Heavyweight Title.
Dash Riproc01/05/11N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Samir in a one-night 6-man tournament final.
Samir [2]01/05/25N. Richland Hills, TX
B. J. Turner01/08/03N. Richland Hills, TX
Joey Corman [2]01/10/26N. Richland Hills, TX
Stripped in 02/01.
B. J. Turner [2]02/01/19Beaumont, TX
Wins a one-night tournament.
Jeremy Jett [2]02/03/22N. Richland Hills, TX
Vacant in 02.
Cyclone02/07/19N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Justin 2 Fine and Chuck Murphy in a 3-way match.
Kevin Duncan [2]02/09/07N. Richland Hills, TX
Stripped on 04/02/01 due to inactivity in title defense after retiring.
Cyclone [2]04/02/01
Awarded as the previous champion.
Livewire04/05/01Joshua, TX
Stripped on 04/10/29 when Livewire no-shows for the scheduled defense against J.T. LaMotta.
J.T. LaMotta04/10/29Dallas, TX
Defeats Sean Cordova.
Robert Evans05/03/13Arlington, TX
Defeats LaMotta, Jiggalo James, and Stephen Murphy in a 4-way match.
Joey Corman [3]05/04/28Gladewater, TX
J.T. LaMotta [2]06/05/28
Or 06/04/28 or 06/05/18.
David Stahr07/02/09Cypress, TX
Golden Prince07/09/14Cypress, TX
Cody Jones07/10/13Irving, TX
Cyclone [3]07/12/01Amarillo, TX
Stripped on 08/05/24 due to injury.
David Stahr [2] 08/06/13 Houston, TX
Defeats Golden Prince; vacant on 08/07/10 when Stahr leaves NWA Southwest.
Galan Ramirez 08/07/11 Cypress, TX
Defeats Golden Prince.
Cyclone [4] 08/08/08Cypress, TX
Cody Jones [2] 08/10/25 Amarillo, TX
Galan Ramirez [2] 09/01/09 Cypress, TX
Cody Jones [3] 09/03/21 Livingston, TX
Gabe the Babe 09/05/16 Amarillo, TX
Jasper Davis 09/08/01 Whitesboro, TX
Defeats Gabe, ACH, and MRK in a 4-way match.
SKAM-13 09/09/04 Houston, TX
Rudy Russo 09/12/03 Corpus Christi, TX
Gabe the Babe [2] 10/05/01 Whitesboro, TX
Kevin Douglas 10/08/14 Gainesville, TX
Defeats Gabe, Andromeda, and Andy Dalton in a 4-way match.
Jasper Davis [2] 10/10/02 Altus, OK
Cody Jones [4] 11/01/07 Robstown, TX
NWA Southwest closes in 11/09.

* See also NWA Lone Star Junior Heavyweight Title.

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