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World Of Wrestling
Texas Heavyweight Title ( 2006/06 - 2009/12 )
Texas Dot Com Title ( 2009/12 - 2010/08 )
Texas Outlaw Title ( 2010/08 - 2011/04 )

David Ramírez2006/06/09Cypress, TX
Wins an 8-man battle royal to become the first champion.
J'Mon Anthony2006/12/08Cypress, TX
Wins a battle royal in which Ramirez participates.
Ciclope Jr. 2006/03/16
Vacant after Ciclope Jr. is stripped as a condition of a match on 07/05/14.
Mysterious Q 2007/06/08
Defeats David Stahr and Sergio in a 3-way match.
Golden Prince2008/02/08Cypress, TX
Silky Baines2008/05/09Cypress, TX
Vacant in 08.
Michael Faith2008/10/10Cypress, TX
Defeats Silky Baines.
D.J. King2008/12/06Amarillo, TX
Vacant in 09/02 due to illness.
Alucard2009/03/13Cypress, TX
Defeats Suicide Messiah.
Mysterious Q [2]2009/12/11Cypress, TX
Wins a rumble match in which Alucard participates; becomes WOW Texas Dot Com Title.
Brother Luthor2010/02/12Cypress, TX
Vacant in 10/06.
Scot Summers2010/07/09Cypress, TX
Defeats Silky Baines.
Silky Baines2010/12/10Cypress, TX
Wins a battle royal in which Summers participates; title retired in 11/04; Baines defeats Chris Lee to become first NWA Houston Outlaw champion on 11/04/08 in Cypress, TX.

* Replaced with NWA Houston Outlaw Title.