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World Of Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

Tugboat Taylor1999/10<
Will Smith2000/02<
Chaz Taylor2000/04<
Austin Rhodes2003/09<
Dalton2003/09/26Houston, TX
Vacant in 03.
Chaz Taylor [2]2003/11/29Houston, TX
Wins a battle royal.
Eddie Lee 2004/03/26
Major Pest2004/05/07Cypress, TX
Defeats Chaz Taylor.
Chaz Taylor [3]2004/08/13Cypress, TX
Still/again champion as of 04/12/10 and 05/02/11.
Chaz Taylor [4] 2005/04/10
Defeats Eddie Lee.
Big Rig Martinez 2005/06/11
Chaz Taylor [4] 2005/11/05
Jacob Ladder 2006/01/15
Defeats Taylor and Zen Zen in a 3-way match.
Big Buddah 2006/04/20
Buster Time 2006/06<
Buster Time 2006/06<
Chaz Taylor [4]2006/06/09Cypress, TX
Fast Eddie 2006/11/09
Tiba 2007/01/10
Defeats Eddie Lee, subbing for Fast Eddie, and J'Mon Anthony in a 3-way match; vacant in 07 when for failure to defend.
Silky Baines 2007/06/28
Defeats Silky Baines.
Austin Rhodes [2]2008/01/08Cypress, TX
Ryan Davidson2008/03/14Cypress, TX
Defeats Rhodes and Silky Baines in a 3-way match.
Mr. Destiny2008/10/10Cypress, TX
Seth Korbin [2]2009/03/13Cypress, TX
Defeats Chaz Taylor, subbing for an injured Destiny.
Jon Steel2009/05/08Cypress, TX
D.J. King2009/07/10Cypress, TX
Zen Zen2010/03/12Cypress, TX
Blue Demon Jr.2010/04/09Cypress, TX
Defeats Zen Zen and D.J. King in a 3-way match; vacates in 10/08.
Greg Symonds2010/08/13Cypress, TX
Defeats Mike Dell in tournament final.
Scot Summers2011/01/14Cypress, TX
Title retired in 11/04; Summers defeats Shawn Houston to become first NWA Houston champion on 11/04/08 in Cypress, TX.

* Replaced with NWA Houston Heavyweight Title.