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NWA Lone Star Junior Heavyweight Title

Bolt Brady 11/04/08 Cypress, TX
Wins a battle royal to become first NWA Houston champion.
ACH 2011/06/10Cypress, TX
Mr. B 2011/07/08 Cypress, TX
Awarded due to ACH's injury.
Kevin Douglas 2011/07/08 Cypress, TX
Renamed NWA Lone Star Title in 11/09; vacant after Douglas wins World Title on 11/10/06.
Rudy Russo 2011/12/09 Cypress, TX
Defeats Bolt Brady.
David Duperon 2012/04/13 Cypress, TX
Rudy Russo [2] 2012/05/11 Cypress, TX
Wins the second fall of a 4-way match against Duperon, Kevin Douglas, and Mysterious Q; Douglas has won the first fall to retain World Title.
David Duperon 2012/06/08 Cypress, TX
Mike Dell 2012/12/14 Cypress, TX
Ray Rowe 2013/04/20 Houston, TX
Rudy Russo [3] 2013/08/16 Cypress, TX
Danny Ramons 2014/05/31 Cypress, TX
Promotion leaves the NWA in 14/11.