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Pro Wrestling Alliance
Tag Team Title

Kryll: A.D. Star & Creet2007/07/21Pasadena, TX
Defeat the Trump Twins: Max-A-Million & Richy Rich in a tournament final to become the first champions.
Steele Dawgs: Jared Steele & Dawg Chettum2008/02/16Pasadena, TX
Wrecking Crew: Mike B. Nasty & Tank Bishop2008/04/19Pasadena, TX
Neico & Franco Valentino2008/06/27Pasadena, TX
Defeat the Wrecking Crew in a "Tag Team Explosion" tournament final.
Ric King & Brett Idol2008/08/22Pasadena, TX
Rock-N-Ruff: Kid Ransom & Robbie Gilmore2008/12/22Pasadena, TX
Vacant in 09.
The Rock 'n' Roll Express: Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson2009/04/11Pasadena, TX
Defeat Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed in tournament final.
Rock-N-Ruff [2]2009/08/13Pasadena, TX
Neico & Gustavo Mendoza2009/10/14Pasadena, TX
Ryan Davidson & Rubio2010/07/18Clear Lake, TX
Amien Rios & Brett Idol 2010/10/09 Houston, TX
Ryan Davidson & Rubio [2] 2010/11/06 Houston, TX
Awarded back by the championship committee.
Rock-N-Ruff [3] 2011/01/29 Houston, TX
Still champions as of 11/10/15.

* Replaced with RoW Tag Team Title.