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Pro Wrestling Alliance
Heavyweight Title

Neico2007/07/21Pasadena, TX
Defeats Chris Adams to become the first champion
Brett Idol2007/10/24Pasadena, TX
VIP2008/02/16Pasadena, TX
Gustavo Mendoza2008/05/23Pasadena, TX
Hero Tiger2009/01/17Pasadena, TX
Gustavo Mendoza [2]2009/02/12Pasadena, TX
The Pride2009/02/21Pasadena, TX
Cashes in his "Money In The Bank" contract.
Matt Chambers2009/10/17Livingston, TX
Robbie Gilmore2010/04/21Clear Lake, TX
The Bulkster2010/07/18Clear Lake, TX
Gustavo Mendoza [3]2010/11/06Clear Lake, TX
The Bulkster [2]2010/12/11Clear Lake, TX
Still champion as of 11/10/15.

* Replaced with RoW Heavyweight Title.