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NWA Texoma Tag Team Title

Team ATM: Byron Wilcott & Mike Foxx 2013/03/15 Sherman, TX
Defeat Team Electrifying Storm: Barrett Brown & Tim Storm in a tournament final to become the first champions.
Rock Star Mafia: Dane Griffin & Armani Gates 2013/08/16 Sherman, TX
Genesis: Carrion Arcane & Kristopher Haiden 2014/01/17 Sherman, TX
Defeat Griffin in handicap match.
Dark Circle: Apoc & Tim Storm 2014/01/17 Sherman, TX
Simply Irresistible: Matthew Palmer & James Johnson 2014/09/19 Sherman, TX
Imperialist: Charlie Haas & Dane Griffin 2015/01/16 Sherman, TX
Sons of Texas: Killer McKenzie & Moonshine Mantell 2015/09/18 Sherman, TX
Revolution: Seth Allen & Dane Griffin 2016/04/15 Sherman, TX
Promotion leaves NWA in 16/11.